MTI was formed in 1996 by Mr. Hemant Mainthia, who recognized the need for a “hands-on” management company that can provide a full range of services in the areas of:

Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering
Facility Logistics
Space Flight Critical Hardware Logistics Support Services
Pressure System / Pressure Vessel Engineering
Electrical, Mechanical, Software, and Controls Engineering
Fire and Life Safety Engineering
Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene Services
Facility Safety and Assurance Services
Mission Assurance Services
Information Technology Services
Administrative Management Services

MTI has the capabilities and the experience to develop programs that encompass a complete array of services during all phases a project – from the early concept stage to post-contract support – to fully satisfy the customer’s needs.

The breadth and depth of MTI’s capabilities are best illustrated by the qualifications and capabilities of our staff located at MTI’s offices in Cleveland, OH, Hampton, VA, Houston, TX, and Huntsville, AL. In addition to our staff, MTI maintains contact with a pool of qualified engineers and technical personnel who are available to work with MTI as consultants or full-time employees when appropriate opportunities become available.

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