Mr. Hemant Mainthia
, Owner and President of MTI, holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Management Engineering. His work experience spans over 25 years with NASA and commercial firms working primarily in the fields of Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, Safety, Quality, and Reliability of Facilities and Systems. Prior to founding MTI, Mr. Mainthia held several engineering and senior management positions for both the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) and GRC support contractors. It was in these capacities that he gained the extensive hands-on experience in Safety, Quality, and Reliability Services that form the basis for MTI's vision of applying and integrating practical and complementary technologies. Mr. Mainthia is actively involved in guiding the execution of MTI's service contracts and applies his value-added expertise and experience to the benefit of the projects.

Mr. Hemant Mainthia

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