Mainthia Technologies, Inc.
is a responsive full-service organization specializing in systems operations and engineering, safety and risk management, quality assurance and configuration management, and associated information technology. We meet the challenges of our business through identification and selection of practical and complementary technologies, and the responsible application of those technologies in our work. We are committed to our employees and their professional growth, building upon their talents to provide exceptional value to our customers. Through our leadership in the industries we serve, we establish the standards for quality, safety and professionalism.

Full-service capability
Technology innovations
Exceptional value to our customers
Growth oriented
Highest standards of safety, quality, and professionalism

Mainthia Technologies, Inc.
Courtyard Office Park
7055 Engle Road, Suite 502
Cleveland, OH 44130
Phone: 440-816-0202
Fax: 440-816-1121
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